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  • Aoril 25 2019


    The 20 essential brunch restaurants in Chicago

    Eater Chicago
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    Kevin Hickey has been quietly turning heads at Eater Chicago’s 2015 Restaurant of The Year. His Bridgeport gem, hidden away on a side street, is heavy on comfort fare, such as fried cheese curds, a duck fat dog, and a top notch hamburger sandwich.
    Jeffry Mai | Eater Chicago

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  • Aoril 10 2019


    The 20 essential hot dogs in Chicago

    Eater Chicago
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    The Duck Inn's duck fat dog is the kind of mad scientist genius diners have come to expect from Kevin Hickey. The hybrid beef/duck link is a welcome addition to Chicago's hot dog landscape.
    Ashok Selvam | Eater Chicago

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  • February 8 2018


    20 great restaurants for solo dining in Chicago, 2018 edition

    Eater Chicago
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    Eater Chicago’s 2015 Restaurant of the Year whips up an array of Midwestern comfort fare but guests don’t have to sit in the main room to try them. Instead, the bar is a great place for parties of one to snack on fried cheese curds, a drool-worthy hamburger sandwich, and a decadent duck fat dog. It’s gastropub dining taken to the next level by the talented Kevin Hickey.
    Jeffry Mai | Eater Chicago

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  • January 5 2018


    There has never been a better time to eat a Chicago-style hot dog

    Food & Wine
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    At The Duck Inn, chef Kevin Hickey takes it up a gourmet notch by blending a perfect amount of beef and duck fat in a hog casing to bring hungry diners the Duck Fat Dog, the restaurant’s tribute to a Chicago dog. 'We grill it until nicely charred and then top it with all of the classic ingredients made in-house—beer mustard, relish, pickles, pickled hot peppers (which we grow ourselves), onions, tomatoes and celery salt—all on a brioche poppy seed bun,' he says.
    Jenn Rice | Food & Wine

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  • August 22 2017


    10 hotdogs every Chicagoan needs to try

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    The Duck Inn’s famous Duck Fat Dog, served Chicago-style on a brioche poppy seed bun with mustard, relish, hot peppers, zesty house-made pickles, tomatoes, onions and celery salt, is named in Zagat Chicago’s recent roundup of the “10 Hotdogs Every Chicagoan Needs to Try”.

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  • January 6 2017


    Top 5 most creative hot dogs in Chicago from Dallas News

    Dallas Morning News
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    Dallas Morning News featured us as one of the most creative hot dogs in Chicago! Noting our vintage dining space and unique incorporation of duck into the dog, they had this to say about our most popular item:

    Hickey’s Duck Fat Dog ($10) starts with a beef-and-duck-blend sausage. That’s where the unfamiliarity ends: The dog is dressed with Chicago-style elements including a fresh poppyseed bun, pickle and a sauce the staff calls the Chicago Super Condiment, a custom blend of traditional toppings – beer mustard, red onion, pickles, peppers and cherry tomatoes.

    Read the entire article here.

  • December 21 2016


    The best things we ate (and drank) at Chicago Gourmet

    Bon Appétit
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    Duck, Duck, Hot Dog! When the sun is shining, and you’re outside it just makes sense to be eating a delicious hot dog, doesn’t it? Duck Inn plated up delectable Duck Fat Hot Dogs topped with an instant relish.

    Read the rest of the article here.

  • October 13 2016


    The 38 essential Chicago restaurants to eat at this fall

    Eater Chicago
    Duck Inn exterior

    Eater Chicago had this to say about The Duck Inn:

    Longtime local chef Kevin Hickey’s personal passion project has garnered local and national accolades even the chef/owner didn’t foresee, managing to highlight ramped-up versions of Chicago street food, his fine-dining chops, and his ancestral working-class Bridgeport neighborhood in one swoop. Don’t miss the duck fat hot dog, the rotisserie duck, the cocktails at the bar, the brunch, or the great backyard.

    Come visit us this fall in Bridgeport for a real Southside dining experience.

  • September 6 2016


    Duck Fat Dog featured on Do312’s best hot dogs in Chicago list

    Duck Fat Dog

    Chicago’s Do312 featured our Duck Fat Dog as one of the best in Chicago!

    It’s done up Chicago Style and features Instant Pickle for a savory, authentic Chicago taste. See the full list here.

  • September 5 2016


    Heirloom Burrata & Duck Fat Dog make Eater Chicago’s Instagram

    Eater Chicago
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    Eater Chicago featured two of our classic Duck Inn dishes!

    First, our new menu item – Heirloom Burrata with Tomato Gazpacho, Pickled Watermelon Rind and Pleasant House Bread.

    And last but not least our famous Duck Fat Dog done up Chicago Style with Instant Pickle.

  • June 1 2016


    Best hot dogs in Chicago

    Eater Chicago
    Duck Fat Dog
    When 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi visited town earlier this spring for Chicago Ideas Week, the vegetarian talked about emigrating from India as a child. Despite the meat-free diet, Lakshmi and her mother found one glaring weakness in America: The hot dog…The Duck Inn’s Duck Fat Dog is a the kind of mad scientist genius diners have come to expect from Kevin Hickey. The hybrid beef/duck link is a welcome addition to Chicago’s hot dog landscape.
  • March 25 2016


    Chicago's destination for foodies

    MONEY Magazine
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    Time’s MONEY rated the Duck Inn as a top destination in the United States for Foodies because of its delectable menu paired with a price that also goes down smooth. Chicago is the birthplace of distinctive all American eats like Cracker Jack’s, Morton Salt, Wrigley’s gum and of course the, “quintessentially affordable, all-American bite: the hotdog.”

    The Duck Inn’s hotdog does one better with it’s unique Tallgrass beef and duck fat dog.

    Served in a housemade brioche bun and topped with onions, relish, and celery salt ($10). Pair it with the fried cheese curds with bloody Mary ketchup ($8), and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Midwestern meal.
  • December 31 2015


    Chicago Reader features The Duck Inn on Best of 2015 list

    Chicago Reader
    Anton Chigurh Cocktail

    Mike Sula named The Duck Inn’s Chicago dog, baked Alaska, and Anton Chigurh cocktail, as the third, fourth and fifth of the 181 best things he ate and drank in 2015. Sula said, ” It’s really a return of a chef who is of the place and knows just how a new restaurant should fit in.”

    Read Mike Sula's "181 best things I ate and drank in 2015."

  • December 9 2015


    The Duck Inn's Duck Fat Dog one of the best dishes in Chicago, says Time Out

    Time Out
    Duck Fat Dog
    Chicago’s burger craze continued this year, and two very different burgers made our list. But this list is about more than just beef—[we] fell for the duck fat dog at the Duck Inn, easily one of the best hot dogs in Chicago…The star of Kevin Hickey’s menu is theDuck Fat Dog, a juicy duck and beef sausage, dragged through the garden and topped with house-made pickles. $10.

    Read more here.

  • November 16 2015


    The Duck Inn named Restaurant of The Year by Eater

    The Duck Inn exterior
    It’s not easy being the restaurant poster child for one of Chicago’s classic working-class neighborhoods, but creative everyman chef Kevin Hickey and…leaped over the bar by both reigniting south-side Bridgeport and creating one delicious restaurant with The Duck Inn. Inside the century-old 1960s-decorated restaurant lies something for nearly everyone, most notably amped-up twists on Chicago street food (including one of the best hot dogs in years)

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  • September 18 2015


    Regist tries The Duck Inn's Chicago Dog


    Regis tries Chicago-style dogs from Hot Doug’s & The Duck Inn.

  • January 7 2015


    Tasting Table knows what to order at The Duck Inn

    Tasting Table
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    But the real standout is an eye-popping, jaw-unhinging duck-fat dog ($10), a beef-and-duck-stuffed tube steak stacked precariously with all the traditional Chicago-style trimmings (onion, tomato, relish, sport peppers, mustard and house-made pickle)…Bridgeport, we’ll be back.

    Read the full article at Tasting Table, here.

  • September 26 2014


    The Duck Inn takes home 'Top Dog' prize at Food Network in Concert

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    The Food Network invaded the tiny suburb of Highland Park this past Saturday to deliver the first ever Food Network in Concert. The event, held at the idyllic venue Ravinia, was a success, packing in more than 10,000 attendees who enjoyed a day of food, drinking, demonstrations, panels, music and camping out on the lawns.

    Kevin Hickey of Bottlefork won 'Top Dog' honors at the Franks & Beats competition with the 'Duck Fat Dog' due to hit the menu of his forthcoming restaurant The Duck Inn.

    Read the full article here.